5 Most Common Things Every Boise Dog Lover Should Know About Springtime!

1. Cheat grass

This is one of your dogs’ worst enemies in the Boise foothills. It easily sticks into your dogs’ skin and is very dangerous. Some of the most common places infiltrated are your dogs’ paws, ears, eyes, and sometimes in their nose.  It’s a danger that all dog owners are aware of, especially those who like to take their dogs into the Boise foothills.  Veterinarian’s say finding it before it works its way under the skin is the key. Dog owners should always check dogs after walks, whether they were in the foothills, or not. Catching cheat grass early can help your dog avoid big health problems, such as nasty infections.


2. Tick Prevention

Ticks are out in full force already this year. We are so fortunate to live in Idaho and have the rivers, foothills and mountains to play in. With all of those fun environments we need to protect our dogs from gathering ticks while out on an adventure.

Ticks are a major concern for the spring season as the peak activity of the blood-sucking arachnid is here. Their breeding season is late April, May and June and that’s when you can see a lot of tick activity. Ticks can also be vectors for diseases including Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Fever.

Remember the peak season for ticks around Boise, Idaho is spring! Fortunately there are many preventative measures us dog owners can take. These days people seem to choose from pills that your veterinarian can prescribe, topical solution, protective bandanas to all natural solutions of sprays or oils.

tick prevention

 3. Watch Out for Seasonal Allergies

With grasses, flowers and trees abloom in the Boise spring season, like people, dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies too. Dogs typically manifest allergies through the skin, however some dogs can show signs in the respiratory system as well.

Owners can keep an eye out for excessive scratching or ear troubles in their dog,. These can be classic signs of allergies. If it is suspected that allergies may be causing the dog distress, owners should take them to the veterinarian. If allergies are the culprit, antihistamines or a wellness program can be prescribed to help the dog cope.

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4. Ramp Up Exercise Slowly to Shed Winter Weight

Due to a family’s change in activity level during the Boise winter months, dogs can possibly gain weight. The warmer weather of the Boise spring months present multiple opportunities for dogs to shed that winter weight.

As a dog parent if you start exercising and include the dog, make sure to start slowly and work up to an exercise regimen. Beware of increasing exercise too quickly, as dogs can develop injuries from jumping into an exercise regimen too fast.

weight management

5.  Grooming

Keep your dog well brushed and groomed with their warm weather hair-do. Keeping your dog clean and groomed keeps their temperature regulated.



We hope these tips were helpful.

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