Puppy Development

Puppies are in a huge developmental period from birth up until 5 months of age. It is a wonderful opportunity that shouldn’t be missed when you get a chance to start your dog’s training at this early of an age.


Boise Puppy KindergartenBoise Puppy Trainers

  • Fun! Training exercises for your puppy.
  • How to prevent major behavioral problems.
  • Potty training solutions.
  • How to choose the healthiest dog food.
  • The best ways to handle chewing & mouthing.
  • How to enhance your dog’s drive to want to please.
  • How to properly socialize your dog in real world environments

Advanced Puppy Development

  • Training program shaped around your long term goals.
  • Advanced skills for specialty training.
  • Conditioning exercises to avoid disliking sounds such as vacuums, fireworks, thunderstorms, babies crying.
  • Silent hand signal foundation.



Boise Idaho Puppy Training
When should I start training with my puppy?

Ideally, training should begin the moment you bring your puppy home with you.

What is so important about Puppy Development?

Behaviors are being shaped.

The ability to learn is being shaped

Your leadership role is being formed.

Socialization skills are forming.

Behavioral problems are being prevented.

Use our years of experience to help you avoid common mistakes and successfully give your dog the best possible start in life.

Is my dog too old for puppy training?

We offer training options for dogs of all ages and levels. Your dog will have the opportunity to start training at the exact level that will be the most beneficial for results.


Puppy Training is fun, important and very helpful!


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