Free Therapy Dog Training Tip

Free Therapy Dog Training Tip

Verbal Cue: “Lap”


To have your dog put his/her head in a person’s lap upon command. The elderly and wheelchair bound find this type of interaction very enjoyable.


    A fun attitude
    Handler and one helper
    Favorite treats
    A chair
    A strong ”stay“ command
autism dog companion

Training Steps:

  1. Start by sitting in the chair with your dog facing you.
  2. Show your dog the treat.
  3. With the treat in your hand, hold it in your lap.
  4. The very moment your dog rests his/her head on your lap, give the ”lap“ command and present the treat.
  5. Each time you practice, you will slowly extend the time required of your dog to rest his/her head on your lap before presenting the treat. Do not proceed too quickly
  6. Once you have built one minute of time with your dogs head resting on your lap (this takes time and patience), have your helper sit in the chair.
  7. While putting your hand in your helper’s lap, give the ”lap“ command
  8. Immediately praise when needed and present your dog with the treat.
  9. Once again, proceed slowly in extending the time required of your dog before giving him/her the treat.



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