Family Dog Course

Our family dog course is fun for everyone.
We’ll teach your dog the essentials from not pulling on the leash to coming reliably when called!

Boise Dog Obedience Training

Every Age, Every Breed

  • No more pulling on the leash! Our ”Heel“ exercise will teach your dog to walk or jog parallel to your side on or off leash.
  • Come! To reliably come when called! Even around distractions.
  • Automatic Sit: Your dog will automatically sit parallel to your side when you stop walking. (This is convenient when you come to the corner of a sidewalk or stop to talk with someone).
  • Sit Stay: Teach your dog to sit and stay in that position while you go about doing other things.
  • Down: To lie down on the first command or hand signal.
  • Down-Stay: Teach your dog to lie down & stay until you say it’s o.k. to get up. This skill is important for safety & convenience purposes.
  • Leave it: This could save your dogs life. The job is for your dog to leave whatever he/she is doing and look up to you.
  • Plus Common Behavioral Problems Solved: Jumping up on people, bolting away and not coming when called, etc.

Building your dog’s drive to absolutely love obedience! Building focus with attention training exercises. Having your dog focus better on you instead of other distractions like other dogs, bicycles, soccer balls, etc.



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